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    C M Sonsino. This paper is focused on an advanced method for ship structures fatigue assessment. The ships classification societies standard rules for fatigue analysis are based on simplified procedures, with wave induced loads obtained by linear oscillation analysis low frequency, around 0.

    In the case of large elastic ship structures, with hull length over m, the global wave induced vibration response high frequency, around 1 Hz becomes significant. The developed integrated method for large ships fatigue assessment includes three interlinked analyses, as follows: the hot-spot stresses evaluation by 3D finite element models, wave induced loads by short term linear and non-linear hydroelastic dynamic analysis, ship service life and fatigue assessment by damage cumulative ratio method.

    As testing ship, it is considered a double hull LPG Liquefied Petroleum Gas carrier, with total length m, for a set of structural details with stress hot-spots. Based on the non-linear hydroelastic wave loads, the integrated method of fatigue assessment becomes more accurate, predicting for the amidships structure 14 years of ship service life, instead of over 20 years according to the rules standard approach, so that the confidence on ship structure fatigue evaluation can be increased in the design process.

    Rubanenco et al.

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    Request Permissions. Horn, Fatigue and Fracture.

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    • Advanced Integrated Design Method for Fatigue Assessment of Large Elastic Ship Structures.
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    • Philosophical Shakespeares.
    • Report of Committee III. Fricke, R. Bronsart Eds. Park, P. Domnisoru, A. Lungu, D. Dumitru, I. All Rights Reserved. Log In. Paper Titles. Harmonic Gear Modeled in SolidWorks p. Article Preview. Abstract: This paper is focused on an advanced method for ship structures fatigue assessment. Add to Cart. Applied Mechanics and Materials Volume Main Theme:. Innovative Manufacturing Engineering. Edited by:. Online since:. August Cited by. Related Articles. Paper Title Pages. Abstract: A two-parameter constraint-based fracture mechanics approach is used to explain the effect of the constraint on the apparently anomalous behavior of short fatigue cracks.