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Kafka’s Metamorphosis: thoughts for years | Books | The Guardian

Your comment will be queued in Akismet! We're hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads. How do the Samsa family members adapt themselves to Gregor? Some of the most distinguished writers to have written on Kafka have taken the view that Gregor is a suffering saint, and his family a collection of monsters.

Kafka proposed to her in the summer of In other words, Kafka felt Hermann had already deformed him irreparably in the sexual-romantic department. Within a few weeks the two were planning a future, contemplating a fresh start in Berlin, or Tel Aviv. I have not bought myself off by my writing. I died my whole life long and now I will really die. Metamorphosis is the most vivid — the saddest, most ghastly and unforgettable — of them all.

By the middle of his health was so poor he had to move back in with Hermann and Julie. He was suffering from agonising tubercular lesions, and the pain of swallowing left him ever more parched and starved. At noon on 3 June , he died. He was The Scottish poet-translator Edwin Muir and his wife Willa gave English readers the Kafka they knew and loved for decades. Metamorphosis , though, was first rendered in English by Eugene Jolas across three issues of the journal Transitions from to However, the first single-volume English translation dates from and was by AL Lloyd, the folk musicologist, singer, arranger and author.

Lately, through newer translations, English readers have got to know Kafka over again.

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Great books are, of course, often translated into dramas, even though a literary masterpiece has, by definition, already found its perfect form. One might wonder how Cronenberg would adapt Metamorphosis for cinema, except that his The Fly gives a decent idea. Last summer I had my old Penguin Kafka with me by the pool during a shared family holiday, and at one point a nine-year-old friend of my daughter picked up the book and began to question me about it. The next time I looked, the book was gone.

Could there ever be another Kafka? If he were living today in our age of instant publishing, neglected book mountains and hour multimedia self- promotion, do you suppose he could get a start in the writing game?

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Social media could have fitted Kafka like a glove, or a skin, or a hard shell. His reticence and enigma might have made him, counterintuitively, a deeply marketable author. But that, more or less, is the story of Kafka, and why we are able to treasure what is indeed the most famous, also greatest, short story in the history of literary fiction. Metamorphosis at the Edinburgh international festival. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Metamorphosis at the Royal Alexandra theatre, Toronto, January The Trial , June Topics Franz Kafka.


Short stories Fiction Walter Benjamin features. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Since then, a number of translations have come into being - if you go into a library or bookshop, you're likely to find at least six different translations of the story, each with their own slight differences in language and phrasing.

The focus of the story is the sudden 'metamorphosis' of the lead character Gregor Samsa, a travelling salesman, into a unnamed insect-like creature. Gregor is referred to in the original text as 'ungeziefer', which does not translate directly as 'insect' in English - its literal meaning is "unclean animal not suitable for sacrifice", leading to lots of speculation amongst readers as to what Gregor has been transformed into. The Metamorphosis was banned under both the Soviet and Nazi regimes, with the Soviet Union describing the story as 'decadent' and 'despairing'. All of Kafka's work was also banned in his home country of Czechoslovakia now split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia because of Kafka's preference for writing in German rather than Czech.

The Metamorphosis was one of the few pieces of fiction Kafka published during his lifetime; he never finished any of the full length novels he had written. Despite the acclaim his work, including The Metamorphosis , has now garnered, Kafka's writing went largely unnoticed until after his death. The story has also found its way into other art forms in modern culture, being referenced in everything from Brian Keenan's autobiography An Evil Cradling , to the sci-fi horror film The Fly , to the world of graphic novels and comics - even to an episode of The Simpsons.

Most recently, it has appeared in the film The Reader , where Ralph Fiennes can be heard reading aloud from the novella.