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Think and Eat Yourself Smart by Dr. Caroline Leaf - Read Online

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Get ready to discern the enemy's tactics and learn how to use your weapons of warfare to enforce Jesus' victory over forces that war against your mind, your family, and your region! Don't be blind to the unseen reality - every Christian is in the midst of a supernatural conflict. Science is beginning to understand that our thinking has a deep and complicated relationship with our eating. Our thoughts before, during, and after eating profoundly impact our food choices, our digestive health, our brain health, and more.

Yet most of us give very little thought to our food beyond taste and basic nutritional content.

THINK AND EAT YOURSELF SMART: A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life

In this revolutionary book, Dr. Caroline Leaf packs an incredible amount of information that will change listeners' eating and thinking habits for the better. Rather than getting caught up in whether we should go raw or vegan, gluten-free or paleo, Leaf shows listeners that every individual is unique, has unique nutritional needs, and has the power to impact their own health through the right thinking.

Think and Eat Yourself Smart A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life

There's no one perfect solution. Rather, she shows us how to change the way we think about food and put ourselves on the path towards health. Anyone who is tired of traditional diet plans that don't work, who struggles with emotional eating, or who simply isn't satisfied with their level of health will find in this book the key to discovering how they can begin developing a healthier body, brain, and spirit. Any additional comments? Big fan of Dr. Maybe that's just because the food industry is so screwed up and the Dr.

Just personal preference but I would have liked to see the book weighted more towards solutions and techniques to correct poor eating habits than the problem itself. The performance was robotic. There were moments of real brilliance but I honestly thought at times it was a computer converting text to speech. If you are not prepared to make some changes then don't read it! However if you are interested in a book that will alter your scientific, spiritual and emotional outlook on what you put in your body this is a MUST READ! I honestly have never been a super reader but this book was so interesting I was able to fly through and highlighted so many things throughout!

Check it out grab your copy today! Caroline Leaf ThinkEatSmart. I have listened to a lot of books about health, sustainable living, modern disease, etc. The author did a phenomenal job presenting all the major issues of today's modern society with regard to food, obesity, CAFOs, big pharma, disease and the medical institution. I will definitely listen to again, because there is so much info packed into this book.

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She really did her homework. Best of all, I love, love, love that it's from a Christian perspective. I wish she would have chosen a Christian narrator, though.

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Throughout the book the narrator kept saying " It was a bit disconcerting, and I'm surprised no proofers caught it. But it didn't at all take away from the very well-written book. Essential for anyone interested in improving their health!! Highly recommend!

Love audiobook. Very lengthy and long but a lot of good information. Need to here it again and again to grasp all the information about the do's and don'ts. To make and eat yourself smart , but overall great audiobook. It was ok. Not what I was expecting. I know all about how our beef, chicken, meat in America is "horrible" for us. Maybe for someone else who doesn't know this info this book would be good. I was expecting more on how to change your brain regarding loving to eat healthy and getting past how hard it is.

There was some sections on that. I struggle with the actual mentality of how it's a precious gift to eat nourishing to the body, and having fomo in american culture and favorite foods. The actual change comes with the mental shift.

Loved the content - and Carolyn herself as a speaker. But the robotic narrator used for this book made it difficult to get through it. Thinking is the foundation to eating healthy. With all the conflicting studies out there this author has done her research and reminds us to eat food the way it was Created!

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And Why!! And How!! Narrator needs to learn how to accurately pronounce the books of the Bible but other than that she was great. I follow Dr. Leaf and am a fan of hers. However, the first part of this book is padded with a lot of scary condemnations of the food industry, a rehash of Fast Food Nation for the first 9 chapters, inducing fear and a negative mindset from the beginning of the book, when this is the antithesis of the professed goals of Dr. Perhaps Dr. Leaf had a contract for so many pages. Start at Chapter 10 and read on from there for the gist of the book. Also, the narrator, hired to read a Christian title, mispronounces the names of the Biblical epistles to the Thessalonians multiple times.

Familiarity with the basics of Christianity such as a knowledge of how to pronounce the books of the Bible should be requisite for any narrator endeavoring to read a Christian title. However, if you can get past these shortfalls, it might be useful. I look forward to a revised version without the first 9 chapters or the 9 shortened to 1 and a narrator conversant with the rudiments of the Bible.

Think and Eat Yourself Smart : A Neuroscientific Approach to a Sharper Mind and Healthier Life

If you are looking for a greater understanding of what is in foods today and how to create healthy habits for mind and body, that is the book for you! We also raised our own meat: chicken, turkeys, lambs. We picked raspberries and apples from our own trees and bought pears, peaches and cherries in bulk every fall for home canning. We knew exactly how all of our food got on the table and the work that went into doing that. Our diet was low in sugar and salt and we rarely ate processed foods. It was, in fact, a very traditional, non-MAD diet. In Part 2, Dr. Leaf moves on from the big picture problems to how we think about the food we eat. She talks about how our thinking affects what we eat and what we eat affects our thinking. This section addresses specific things like sugar, gluten, television, emotions, sleep and more. Caroline Leaf lays out the hard facts about these, presenting solid research to show the impact that each of these topics has upon what we eat.

There are nearly pages of notes at the back of the book, if you wish to follow-up on any of her research. She also quotes Scripture and ties our eating to a healthy spirituality, showing how even what we eat can glorify God—or not. Part 3 pulls everything together into two chapters with concrete, practical steps we can take to start eating more healthy.

The first chapter is all about our mindset. The second chapter is recipes.